mom + dad make a desperate attempt to wake up their son. [2008, 1 min]


a suburban son, mom, dad + dog are explored through discomfort + comedically bizarre parameters, through the mimicking + trading of family roles/identities. daily tasks + situations become performances for the camera. [2004, 4:55 min]

family corp.

ordinary family routine meets the parameters of a corporate office structure. [2009, 8:47 min]

job opening

a ridiculous, exaggerated, over-descriptive + elitist corporate job posting. [2007, 4:20 min]


mom, dad + the dog are critiqued by their "art professor" son in this sarcastic art school spoof. [2004, 3:53 min]

dancing portraits

anonymous subjects dance in their homes to music they've selected (with an emphasis on body language + domestic environment). [2007, 7:31 min]


conflicted, tortured artist Guy Gilbird ramblingly confronts his demons + creative frustrations in the quest to become a "successful" artist. [2009, 7:21 min]

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